Lime ended towards the end of the 90’s and after a few years in hibernation, Cath and Dave emerged with a new project – TONGUES.

Cath’s outpouring of great songs was becoming more prolific and with this, a change in their musical direction towards a more punk tinged post grunge sound. Roping in an old band mate from their days with Mother Hubbard, Kinnon Holt, the nucleus of Tongues was formed in 2002.

Finding the right rhythm section took longer than expected but by mid 2003 the line-up was finalised with Brad Kimber on drums & Martin Carr on bass. Recording for their album was half way through by the time of the final line-up so what you get on the album is almost all Cath & Dave with some rockin’ guitar injection from Kinnon.
The band started to hone their live set during the rest of 2003 and by early 2004 had changed into a formidable live band with a huge triple guitar attack roaring from the stage. Laughing Outlaw Records got behind the band and by May 2004 the album was ready to be launched.

To the very great sadness of everyone involved Cath passed away in June 2004 just weeks after their album was released. “Ugly” is a brilliant piece of punk pop with layers of filthy sludgy guitar and dynamite feels provided by Cath & Dave.

A wonderful album that disappeared from the music world before it even started.


Ugly – 2004


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