Having served as resident guitar player for a number of different Australian artists, guitarist/singer Luke Cuerden moved to Japan in search of something else and got it.  Inspired to create something from the clash of neon and old tradition in Tokyo, it was friend and Tokyo based session drummer Armin Takeshi Linzbechler’s idea that Luke front his own band.

The first manifestation of Red Dragon Blues was born and they played their first live show at Jiro’s Blues Bar a few hours from Tokyo. The next show would be far, far away at Sydney’s famous house of rock, Frankie’s Pizza.

The band became a kind of “Desert Sessions” scenario, based around Luke’s writing and producing, with an extended family of collaborators spread from Australia to Japan, France and America.  Including former Koritni bandmates Chris Brown on drums,  Lex Koritni on guest vocals, well-known Tokyo session bassist “Princess of Funk” Juna Serita and Sydney based drummer Dave Kirby to name a few family members.  Now two albums later and counting….

With a penchant for genre-hopping,  RDB might be described as blues infused alt rock with a splash of metal?  Somewhere between The Black Crowes,  QOTSA,  G&R,  Foo Fighters,  Hendrix,  Ozzy and the blues… with a few Japanese artists like Sheena Ringo thrown in for good measure.


Red Dragon Blues – 2019

Red Dragon Blues II – 2021

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Bar H, Pt.1 Red Dragon Blues, Official Music Video