Lovebucket formed in 2005. Coming from hard rock backgrounds but recently enjoying the Sydney dance culture the band wanted to explore more dance/funk orientated sounds whilst still incorporating some of the rock they loved.

The core group started with Dave Peck (Bob Sledge), Martin Carr (Tongues), Geoff Marks (Guilding The Lily) & Jaque Ludwig (Parker) before long they hooked up with Scottish ex-pat Caroline Miller and the song writing began in earnest. Dave was originally on drums but seeing the need for a fuller sound he moved to second guitar. They roped in young “Springfield” drummer Allan Kumpulainen to help finish the tracks. More a studio act than a live performance band the recording of their self titled LP spanned over a year with shared engineering between Dave Reynolds & Evan McHugh eventually being taken over by Syd green to finish the album. Martin & Syd hooked up with UK producer Erik “The Viking” Thompson to mix & master the album.

The result is a melting pot of rock, funk & dance feels with the powerful soulful voice of Caroline Miller sprinkled over the top. The album was released in the winter of 2007 with Brian Cachia joining them on drums for their album launch.


Lovebucket – 2007


Lovebucket – What We Gonna Do – Album launch

Lovebucket – Sleep

Lovebucket – Down Album Launch

Lovebucket – Cut It Like a Knife