What started out as a yearly catch up to share a few laughs and create music together ended up turning into the Sydney Desert Sessions.  38 Sports is a further evolution of this group of fellow musicians who have played together in different original bands together over the last twenty years.

With an abundance of new songs being written along the way to each years event it was decided that it was time to share some of these songs.  The band members musical heritage is intertwined through many original bands dating back to the early 90’s.  From Wolfgang & Mudeye to Lime, Magnus, Othermind & Guilding The Lily to Bob Sledge, Christ Art Museum, Lovebucket, Tongues & Lomera.

38 Sports will showcase guest vocalists for each new release which will all be tied back into the the Annual Desert Sessions event.

Their first official single release came in June 2013 just prior to Sydney Desert Sessions 2013 and featured guest vocalist Jeremy Davidson from the Snowdroppers.  In Novemeber 2013 the band secluded themselves away at a farmhouse in the southern tablelands of NSW to start recording for their debut Mini album with producer and close friend Syd Green.


38 Sports


38 Sports – Regular John

38 Sports – Five Drowning Men

38 Sports – 100 Degrees

38 Sports – Symptom Of The Universe

38 Sports – Free Ride

38 Sports – Quick and to the Pointless

38 Sports – Evil

38 Sports – Thumb

38 Sports – Make It Wit Chu

38 Sports – Gardenia

38 Sports – Deceit

38 Sports – Old York Demo