Ivie’s history goes way back.  The three core members Grant Byrnes, Rob Brown & Steve Badger have been friends for over twenty years.  Grant’s prolific songwriting has seen him front local Sydney bands Magnus, Guilding The Lily & Reverend B. Stone.

After quitting the big smoke, Grant hooked up with Steve & Rob back on home turf in far northern NSW.  Through various lineup’s and releases Grant, Rob & Steve have been the backbone of Odessa & High Noon Heat.  With Steve switching to bass the group decided to pursue a trio format.  With another batch of great songs in hand the band brought in Syd Green to produce their latest offering SLEEVELESS HEART.  With the addition of Andrew Roche on keys and touches of lap steel & percussion from Syd Green this release sees Grant’s brilliant songwriting reach a new level of sophistication.  His rich warm vocals and elegant song structures are like a soothing warm bath or like basking in the glow of an open fire on a cold winters night.  The songs bring together a unique blend of soul, folk, blues and rock.


Sleeveless Heart